Zubie Makes Me A Better Driver

This post brought to you by Zubie. All opinions are 100% mine.

Zubie is the ultimate road trip buddy! I’ve been using my Zubie key for the last 10 weeks and I love that it is helping me become a better driver!

I actually had to change the Zubie from one van to the Toyota Sienna I am reviewing. It was actually a super simple process to be able to change it. All I had to do was plug it into the new van and when I drove it, the Zubie recognized the new van and uploaded all the info.

One morning I got a notification from Zubie telling me my battery was low in the Toyota Sienna. I thought that was weird since it's a super new vechicle. So I was figuring out what could cause a low battery. I hoped that I just got the nofitication because it was cold out and we didn't actually have a low battery. I had to go drive 45 mins to and back from the train station later that night. I didn't want to head home from the train station at night, and be stuck so far from home. Cory though took the van before I had to out and when he came back I checked the Zubie. It said the battery was fine and I haven't gotten the notification again. Yay!

Cory and I have been having a lot of hard breaking lately. Which tells me that we need to chill out a bit more when it comes to driving. Though some of it I believe is from all the bad weather we have been having. I saved one to show you guys, this was coming home from the train station the same night as the previous paragraphs story. I am on a 2 lane road, with some passing lanes at points. I was in the slow lane going around the corner during a passing zone, with a car about to pass me. It's 9pm at night. It's dark. We come around a curve and in my lane is a car with it's hazards on. A young guy outside of his car. I had to really put my breaks on because I couldn't move around the vechicle. Super scary!!!

I really adore the Zubie. I know if we ever get a second car I will be getting one for that one. Also when my boys are older and driving, I really hope that Zubie will still be around than, so I can get them one for their cars. That way I can know where they are and if they are being safe while driving.

It's also a great gift! I think I'll be buying a few of these come next Christmas for people's presents. Or even birthday presents as they come along. Can't wait to see my families faces when they recieve the Zubie!

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  1. Maralea says

    These is such a neat sounding product. I may have to get one of these for my oldest grandson who will be driving soon.

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