We Have An Elf Visiting Us

Elf MagicHunter wrote a letter to Santa to ask him if we could have an Elf stay with us until Christmas. To our delight Santa has sent one of his lovely Elves to come stay with us to bring holiday cheer and mischief leading up to Christmas Day! He does leave on Christmas Eve because Santa needs him back to help loading up the sleigh. He’s a delightful fellow named Newton, and even came with his own trunk and bedding! There is also a book that tells the story of why the elves have come to visit. I enjoyed reading the book and Hunter even though he wasn’t totally paying attention told me about some parts later. There are also Tips from Santa on how to care for our Elf!
Magic Elf CollageEvery night we lay him to bed and sprinkle some of his North Pole snowflakes on him so he doesn’t get sad because he’s not at home. And when we awake he’s either hiding someplace or has done something fun or crazy! Hunter wakes up and says “We have to find Newton!” Then he is usually laughing hysterically at whatever Newton got into while we were sleeping.

Now for a few pictures of what Newton has been up to in our house!

Newton Baked

Newton Baking

Newton Climbed up a Christmas Decoration

Newton Climbing

Newton Wanting to Fly

Newton FlyingIt was so sweet. This morning once we found Newton Landon put him back into his bed. Adorable that both boys are getting into the fun!

Be on the lookout because I’ll be sharing more of Newton’s Elfcapades with you until he leaves us on Christmas Eve!



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