The Company Store $50 Gift Card

If you remember I have talked about National Family Pajama Night. Well The Company Store has offered up some great tips that you can do to have a great Pajama Night!

Also don’t forget:

You can visit The Company Store’s special website they created and pledge your participation, read about fun “memory maker” ideas and post your own unique ideas for the big night.  They even have a video of cute kids saying what they’d like to do on “pj night”.

And once The Company Store reaches their goal of 20,000 pledges, they will make a donation of $20,000 worth of PJs from their new collection to Pajama Program, a not-for-profit organization that provides new pajamas and books to children in need in the United States.

But to really have a great Pajama Night I think we are going to need a giveaway right? Maybe get yourself some new PJ’s at The Company Store for the perfect night!

I received a Gift Card as well for hosting this giveaway and promotion National Family Pajama Night.



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