Holiday Gift Guide: Pacific Shaving Company – Review

Pacific Shacing Company GiftPack

Anything from the Pacific Shaving Company would be a great stocking stuffer for both men and woman who love natural products! Pacific Shaving Company produces sumptuous, super effective and all natural shaving cream  as well as a teeny tiny bottle of amazing shaving oil(just a few drops gives the closest, softest shave and you can […]

Holiday Gift Guide: Cars Toon Frightening McMean – Review

Mattel Car Toons Frightening McMean

When Mater needs a helping hand in “Monster Truck Mater,” he tag teams with his wrestling partner. That’s Lightning McQueen, of course, but in Mater’s tall tale, he becomes “Frightening McMean,” the fearsome monster truck! Tap the hood to hear him say phrases from the Toon Monster-sized tires for kid-powered action Tag-team partner of Mater’s […]