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I love reality TV and I am really loving the new shows that have been coming out with different themes! Soon there are going to be 3 shows on the auctions of Storage units on 3 different networks. I am in love with these shows! It’s so fun to be able to see what they are finding and how much they are worth. Really makes me want to go buy up some units to see if I strike it big!

Storage WarsThe first show that started my obsession is Storage Wars on A&E. You get to follow 4 people as they are competing to buy up units. Dave is the one that has a lot of cash and has been doing this awhile, most of the time you hate him because he throws around his money and is sometimes mean to the others. But he’s growing on me and I love him! He has his own store front. The other that has a brick and mortar shop are Jarrod and his wife Brandi. They are pretty much the underdogs, and I love how they bicker! Darrel is the gambler of the bunch… and I think pretty much the biggest bully of the bunch. Really don’t like him as the season has progressed. Than there is Barry.. pretty much the weirdo of the bunch! Think crazy grandpa! It’s hilarious to watch! He’s on the look out for antiques and pretty much trashes everything else. You can watch full episodes online to check them out!

Auction HuntersThe next one I found while watching Spike TV and it’s called Auction Hunters. Yes I am not a man, but I don’t think men are the only ones that like these type of shows! This show follows Tonn and Allen. They are traveling all around America trying to take those units! They seems to be more of a cockier set of people, but it works for them. They get the price they want while selling and they have a good system for buying up those units!

Storage HuntersLast but not least is Storage Hunters. Which is starting tomorrow, June 21st, on TruTv! The stars of this show is going to be former boxer Brandon and his wife Lori. I’m excited to be checking this show out and I hope it lives up to be just as great as the other 2 auction shows!

So do you watch these types of shows as well??

Wanted to share with you also my friend Kathleen who blogged about her first Storage Auction that she has done! Now I want to go do it myself. Wonder if I can make it big!


  1. says

    I was watching one of these shows a few weeks ago and my husband walked into the room and we had the following conversation:

    “What are you watching?”
    “A show about people who buy the contents of storage lockers.”
    “There’s a show about people who buy the contents of storage lockers?”
    “Hon, there are several show about people who buy the contents of storage lockers.”

    And then he just shook his head and walked away. But seriously, I will watch just about any reality show. Ice Loves Coco? Of course. A show about a woman who has a romantic relationship with the Berlin Wall? Absolutely. So stuff about storage units really isn’t that weird.
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    • says

      Oh you are a girl after my heart. LOL! I love all of those shows! Seriously.. the girl who loved the Berlin Wall.. freaks me out a little bit more than Ice Loves Coco! Hahaha. My husband loves my storage shows. Now if I can convince him to go to some auctions and try to get rich. :)

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    We had an unpleasant experience regarding people buying storage unit contents.
    My ex-stepfather (my brother’s father) who lived on his own in another state was getting on in years, and a medication he’d started taking gave him a bad reaction and before we knew it he was wandering homeless on the street.

    During that time, he let the rental payments for his storage unit lapse, and they storage company sold the contents to someone else –

    the contents which included the only set of baby pictures of my brother in existence – which my ex-stepfather had been purposely keeping away from my mother – and now she has no hope of ever getting them back and she’s heartbroken about it. The storage place won’t even contact the buyers for us about it.

    Personally, I wish they’d make a law that if a storage unit’s contents are sold, that if the buyer finds any personal photos, they have to ask the storage place to contact the previous owner.

    • says

      Awww that is very sad. Hopefully something like that will happen to prevent that. Though it’s not the storage unit buyers fault… so I wouldn’t think badly of them, they are just trying to make money!

      Maybe the pictures will pop up one day! :)

    • brianNH says

      Actually, I was at one of these storage unit auctions today (not on TV), and the auctioneer specifically stated that the terms included that the buyer should turn back into the storage unit managers anything like that; photos, documents, legal papers, etc.

  3. ellen says

    My husband and I both LOVE going to auctions- including storage units.

    I just have to comment on this because since those shows people are getting idiotic.

    We have bought units for years- we dont resell, but we keep what we need and donate what we don’t (ie: furniture/clothes etc) my husband is a carpenter and I am a quilter so we do alot of recycling. Units that would have went for next to nothing have brought out droves of people bidding it all up. What they don’t realize is it is alot (and I mean alot) of work- there is a ton that goes to the dump- trash and people personal papers like bank statements etc (that no one should be having anyway) We have cleaned out units in 100 degree heat- the shows don’t show that part 😉

    Also to address Lara…. in all the units we have EVER bought, when I have found pics, I have made every effort to find the previous owners. One time, it was alot as you described only it was 2 sisters and a Mom involved- after the Mom passed away, the one sister let the unit ‘go back’ I found the other sister out of state and returned all pics, and in fact alot of the pieces of older furniture she described to me at no charge. I don’t think the folks watching these reality shows ever return things like that, and yes, I agree there should be something in place to help get personal papers back.

  4. Tracie says

    WE have been doing this for years and believe me, this show is ridiculously unbelievable. They show only extremely good units. They probably buy 200 to every 1 good unit they show on TV. No one is going to strike it rich in this busines.. We have been doing it since I lost my job to make ends meet. What was once a way to help out had turned into something ridiculous where people are bidding their life saving on a gamble and losing it. I have seen units go up to the 1000.00 dollar mark that is really worth 100.00 but this show stuff has really got people believing they are going to find gold bricks or something. I watched a guy bid 2600.00 on a 10 by 30 full of boxes to find out they were tax papers from a old business…… he lost it all….. I feel bad for these people who dont realize the hours of hard work that goes into this. The storage fees, the haul bills, the gas, the dump fees….
    We always make a effort to return personal belongings especially if a family member requets them . PIctures an such are only priceless to them.

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    I love ‘American Pickers.’ (the only TV I have is NetFlix – unless I cut down a tree for the satellite dish, which I will never do). What amazed me is their ability to turn things over for a profit.

    And the amount of junk that people have on their property to get picked through.

    I had a girlfriend who moved back in with her parents and put all her furniture and other things in a storage unit.

    There it sat, for around five years. Whenever she wanted something we would go to the storage unit and have to dig through the whole mess to find one thing.

    Finally, I told her I could fix everything – by cleaning out the storage locker with a flame thrower.

    That didn’t go over very well – We went our separate ways soon after that.

    Years later, I have to wonder if she is still paying $50 a month to store stuff she will never use. She was as good a procrastinator as I was – I have a lot of stuff in storage, in my storage shed. I refuse to clean it out. I am waiting until I die and can look down on all the fun my family is having cleaning it out…

    • says

      LOL at the Flame Thrower!! We have a ton of junk downstairs. Mainly from my MIL. One day it will all be gone. Isn’t American Pickers the best??? My husband and I love to watch that. :)

      And your poor family! You should throw a note in there for them to find saying “Happy Cleaning!”

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