Recipes For The Holidays For The Picky Eaters and Adults

recipes for the holidaysSo I got an email about recipes for picky eaters. I said show me the goods because while Landon isn’t a picky eater…. yet… Hunter is! So it’s always a rough time trying to get something that the whole family is going to eat. I usually end up making an extra side because I know Hunter won’t eat something and I want to make sure he’s going to eat dinner. So I was very much interested in what kind of recipes may appeal to the whole family in one fell swoop!

Some great Chefs came up with a great menu. Now I’m not going to share each of the recipes but the links will be included for you to get to one that may interest you!


Soup: Sneaky Chef Roasted Squash Soup.

“Sneaky Chef” Missy Chase Lapine sneaks four vegetables and a fruit into this delectable starter.
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Main Dish: Rosemary Roasted Turkey

Meal Makeover Moms Janice Bissex and Liz Weiss put a flavorful twist on the traditional (and at times boring) main course.
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Side: Golden Apple-Raisin Stuffing Cups

Erin Chase of $5 Dinners makes a delicious finger food out of a Thanksgiving classic that fits perfectly in little hands.
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Vegetable: Oven Roasted Garlic Green Beans

Erin Chase is back again to help any family fight the vegetable battle with this recipe that packs a tasty punch. Her trick? Fresh garlic and a dash of shredded parmesan make kids forget it’s all healthy.
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Dessert: I-Love-Chocolate Party Torte.

This torte from the Makeover Moms has the perfect amount of sweet to end any feast (and the protein to match!).
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I know the Oven Roasted Garlic Green Beans will be a big hit! I make these already and the whole family loves them. Plus they are super easy to make that I love it too.

What recipe do you think will appeal to your whole family?


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    My husband is such a picky eater it drives me crazy.I just showed him this list of dishes and he said he would eat eveything but the Squash Soup. Four out of five not bad.:)

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