Safety Tips While Sledding

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With the impending Blizzard Juno knocking on our doorsteps in the North East, Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital at Westchester Medical Center – the children’s hospital for the Hudson Valley and Fairfield County- is reminding parents, caregivers and snow-goers of all ages that sledding injuries are preventable, if the right steps are taken. Mainly because sledding […]

30 Valentines Sweets

30 Valentine Sweets

As I’m preparing for the blizzard coming to the NE I decided to get up another post for Valentine’s Day! I have put together this delectable list of treats that are certain to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. Whip up some Valentine cupcakes for your kiddos classroom or make a batch of Cupid’s Crunch for the […]

We Want GeoTrax Back!

Please Bring Back GeoTrax, Fisher-Price!

Hunter used to be a big train lover and Landon still is, his dream is to be a Railroad Engineer. With that said that means we have many many collections of trains. From all 3 kinds of Thomas to Chuggington and even some Tomica trains. The whole family has loved GeoTrax from Fisher-Price. These trains […]

New Speech Apraxia Update with Landon

Landon at the Holiday Train Show

What the heck!? I have not written an update on Landon in many months. I don’t know what’s wrong with me because there has been so much to share! I don’t even know where we last left off on but he has improved so much. Surprising everyone and when I talk to some people about […]

Create a Fun Drink Label for Your Super Bowl Party for Free

Design and Print with Labeley

It’s less than two weeks until the ultimate game that the whole sports-watching nation is waiting for, holding their breaths. Are you rooting for Seattle Seahawks or New England Patriots? Whichever team wins, predictions say that this will be one game to remember. While our football players are under a lot of pressure to show […]

25 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

25 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Time always flies right? I really can’t believe that it’s almost Valentine’s Day. This year is going to just zoom by it seems. Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day I’ve put together a nice little list here of some Valentine’s Day decor so you can get yourself in the pepped up for a visit from Cupid. […]