Ninja Frying System Review

Cory does the small amount of frying that we do in the house. I will not go near a pan that has hot oil in it for the purpose of frying. Because I know me, and I will get burned by the hot oil! Sometimes I can be such a klutz in the kitchen!

Ninja Frying System

When I was offered the chance to review the Ninja Frying System, I was hesitant. Until I checked out the website and I saw it has A LID. Yes yes I will review it!

It was pretty easy to put together! Though I had trouble closing the lid with the basket in it… and then the handle for the main basket didn’t seem to stay very good. That may be a bit user error on both parts so I’m sure it’ll get better the more I use it I am sure. I uses a lot of oil, so just remember that! The booklet that comes with it has some wonderful recipes that I can’t wait to make for my family. Something new to eat is always good!

Ninja Frying System Review

I was really excited to make my own french fries because we love them in the house. Yes I know you can just buy frozen french fries and cook them in the oven, but it’s just not the same. I like my french fries crunchy! So the first thing that I fried when I got the Ninja Frying System was… french fries! They came out amazing too. My husband was impressed and Hunter said they were delicious! He was thrilled that I could make my own!

Fries before FryingFrench Fries made at home

Now Cory usually cooks Cod by frying it. That’s his meal because, remember, I don’t fry. Though I may have just stolen his meal from him because I fried up some cod! It was great!!! I need to work more with the batter I use because Cory said it was bland, but at least I’ll have fun trying out different stuff.

Fried Cod

Currently you can buy the Ninja Frying System at Target only according to their website for $99.99. But you can purchase parts on the Ninja Kitchen website.

Note: I did receive the Ninja Frying System for review. All opinions are my own.


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      The fries turned out perfect!! We’ve made it every week since I got them, can’t wait to have them this week. Yeah we don’t do fried food all too often, but it’s a nice option to have!

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