Nickelodeon’s Floam and Gak is Back!

I remember the Nickelodeon Floam and Gak from when I was much younger. It’s so cool that it’s back and I can share it with my boys! Now they are a bit younger then what it’s recommended for. But they are still having a blast with it!

Nickelodeon Gak

Gak may be my favorite.  It’s now made with a new formula that makes it easier  to use and less messy!! Unless you put it on your shirt like Hunter did have to toss it. User error on that one! Gak though is awesome because it can be squeezed, squashed, stretched, twisted, rolled and so much more! It also makes some super funny sounds when you get it back into it’s air-tight container. Think farting. My boys were laughing so hard when it was “farting”. Though Landon wouldn’t touch it after the first touch… I guess he thought it was too weird, but Hunter loved it!

Gak comes in the following colors: Rebel Red, You Blue It, Yakkity Yellow, Goo Green, Tickled Pink and Purple Panic. The suggested retail price is $6.99 each.

Nickoelodeon Floam

Floam was a huge hit for both of my kids though. We had a ton of fun just creating different things. Hunter even made the planet Earth! I was amazed how Floam didn’t leave really any mess at all. The color do mix together so if you don’t like that, I would stay away from Floam. But I don’t mind, mix it up, have fun, it’s all good! You can get really creative with Floam, I just had fun flattening it and creating snowmen for the boys. Landon has asked to play with this again a few times since the initial playing with.

Floam is sold in the following colors: Rockin’ Red, Blazin’ Blue, Electric Yellow, Glimmer Green, Posh Pink and Purple Power. The suggested retail price is $6.99 each.

Gak and Floam are both non-toxic, non-staining, phthalate-, latex- and BPA-free. You can buy them at Target, Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, A.C. Moore and Walgreens. Amazon also sells Gak and Floam on their website!

Also you can check out the new Nickelodeon Floam Factory for more fun with your Floam!

Disclaimer: I received 3 samples each of Gak and Floam in order to have a great time with my kids trying out Gak and Floam! All opinions are my own. No other compensation was provided.


    • says

      Thanks! :) And yeeees they are like a stress reliever ball. The Floam is too. Or at least it gives me something to fiddle with.

  1. Kelli Wood says

    I looked for this at walmart this morning after hearing it was being sold again and the lady looked at me like I was crazy! She said they were not selling it and if it was coming back I needed to wait two to three weeks for them to have it! I was so bummed! I wanted to play with it today with my son!!!

    • says

      From my paper work they are being sold at: You can buy them at Target, Toys R Us, Bed Bath and Beyond, A.C. Moore and Walgreens. So maybe check one of those stores or even online maybe??? Hopefully you get to play soon with your son! :)


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