My BlackBerry Z10 Review

You’ve heard me mention a few times already that I am a Verizon Lifestyle Blogger and that I had a small trip to NYC to learn more about Verizon Wireless. Like how Verizon is trying to be green, and also some Smart Accessories you can get at Verizon. While we were there we got a new phone to try out, the new BlackBerry Z10.

BlackBerry Z10

I have never owned a BlackBerry. I was personally under the assumption that BlackBerry was going downhill. I am so glad that they aren’t. They have come out with a great new phone that I know a lot of people are going to love. Blackberry was well known by most people as having a keyboard. Well guess what? There is no more keyboard anymore! I’m sure that some people will miss it but hopefully they don’t let that stop them from trying out this awesome phone.

Blackberry Z10

That image right above, that is all of the reasons why I love the BlackBerry Z10. These features were not on the other phones I have had in the past, or at least I didn’t know about them! The keyboard adapting how I type? Keys will shift a little bit, I usually always end up hitting o when I meant to press t. It’s just the way my fingers work. BlackBerry saw a lot of people were frustrated by this, and made a solution to the problem. Now something that was annoying to me, has been solved. Brilliant.

The Screen Share option when you are doing video I love as well. Say I need to talk to my husband about something, well I can show him something that is on my screen if I am talking about something on the internet. Because he’s not always at the computer and can be looking on it while we are on the phone. And well I can show him exactly what I am talking about without him getting distracted. I can see this as a great tool for those that work outside of the home for corporations.

You can divide up spaces on thee Z10 for either work or personal use. So all of your work stuff, including email on that side. And the other side your personal area. That way you won’t get the 2 mixed up and maybe when you are off the clock, you really will be off the clock.

White BlackBerry Z10

Some things that were hard for me to get used to was that some of the apps I need as a blogger are just not there. Instagram for instance. It may come eventually, and I have seen work around on getting it on the BlackBerry Z10. I even came across this article on other apps that are like Instagram. My problem is, I do not care about the filters or whatever they are saying it’s like Instagram. I need that social platform for brand campaigns and just to share things with friends. For those that may not need Instagram or even care about it, then this section of the review will not bother you in the least. Carry on!

I have gone over some of the great features of the BlackBerry Z10. There is more out there that I haven’t gone through, that you will just have to research yourself or buy the BlackBerry Z10 and see it for yourself!

I will also be attending a launch event on May 7th that Verizon is hosting in NYC. So I’ll be coming back soon to share with you some pictures from the event and more things I may have learned. Because always with new tech, you are learning something new.

Note: I did receive the BlackBerry Z10 in order to write my honest review of the phone. No other compensation was provided.


  1. painterface says

    Launch event on May 7th? Perhaps the Lumia 928? I hope so, I’ve been waiting months for that phone.

  2. Cynthia says

    Can you easily transfer over all of your contacts to the Z10 (name, phone #s, email AND postal addresses AND notes)?

    • says

      It’s really dependent on what phone you have and how savvy you are. Verizon does have there great backup system for contacts… but I know going from my Windows 7 phone to my iPhone I couldn’t get it to work. Or my iPhone to my Android that I reviewed. So if you have an iPhone I think it’s hard. But I’m sure if you bring it into the store and let them do it, it should be a breeze.
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