iPhone, Android and Blackberry Users Infographic

This infographic portrays how people view themselves based on the type of phone they use and how other people view them based on the type of phone they use. It’s about people’s perspective based on your choice of phone technology. I see a lot of I’m better then you, blah blah blah on websites when they are talking about certain phones. Which I think is amazing. How do you feel?



  1. says

    I have an android phone and it’s funny because every time I see someone with a Blackberry I’m like ummmm you need to get rid of that thing, it’s so old and out of date, so the dinosaur image is perfect lol

    • Steve says

      I love the way that, despite it being used correctly throughout the picture, you’ve chosen to add an extra apostrophe to “sees”. I think you’re clearly more of a Fisher Price phone user.

        • Wow says

          …no. The infographic had the “sees,” which is proper. Steve was commenting that Jay screwed up by writing “see’s” when he had just seen the proper sentence a few times in the infographic. This is why it was a reply to that comment and not a new comment.

  2. Zerabp says

    I’m a blackberry user, I view it as the dinosaur. I only to keep it for my unlimited data, I want a droid or an i-phone :-(

  3. Jack says

    The typical iPhone user also has the iPad, iMac, iPod, Mac Book and any other crap Steve Jobs tells them they need.

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