Inspirational Picture Quotes Part 5

I actually don’t know what Part I am for these quotes so I’ll just pick 5. Sounds good to me! So I’m back from vacation and it’s already time for another quote post. I spent some time this morning trying to find some great ones!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! And be sure to check out all my past Inspirational Quote posts I have done!


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    Here’s a quote that I have seen on a church message board.
    You know when churches leave a message and sometimes you agree sometimes you dont.
    That’s ok.
    This one I have changed as it just popped into my mind as I drove past it.
    a house is not a home without god in it.


    a house is not home without a dog in it.

    hope no one is offended, but I just had to share
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    thanks Alison. Are you in New York State? I am living in Brisbane, Australia.
    How are you after the storm?
    We too have had terrible flooding last Janurary. Many people lost their lives. But most are rebuilding now (no thanks to their insurance agencies who are quibbling over “flood” or “storm water”….

    Speaking of which, your quotes regarding death were timely in my life. A friend has just lost her husband to cancer at 35. So it was good to read these things as a reminder that death is just a sad part of life.
    Not an easy time for her.

    Your blog is lovely.
    My blog is at
    and its called cath’s craftees: space to dream
    you are welcome to have a look (-:
    cath sweeney
    Catherine recently posted…Australia’s Online Scrapbooking & Crafts SuperstoreMy Profile

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      Yes I’m in NY state! An hour north of NYC. We are doing fine, though many around my area are dealing with a lot of flooding. It’s a shame about these insurance companies not helping people when they need it most!! Glad you did well with the floods in January in Australia!

      I am so sorry for your friends husband! It’s so hard to lose someone, I think it’s even harder when the person is so young! My husband will be 35 in November and I just can’t imagine losing him! It’s a super sad part of life.

      Okay off to check out your blog!! :)

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