Infographic on Sex Injuries



    • zman says

      Because fuck you, you overly sensitive twat. What’s the matter with you? I hate that there are people like you around.

        • Ben says

          There are only a few pictures on the whole thing, why would everybody have to put a certain amount of black people and gay people everywhere in everything they do? How about chinese people? Disabled people? Doesn’t that offend you? That’s pure hypocrisy.

          Don’t be offended by so little things, don’t be so sensitive… don’t be a hypocrit.

          • jake says

            can’t stand people like thiswho think other ethnicities and homos have to be shoved in to everything, probably a damn welfare recipient hatin on the ol’ white man

      • kontra k says

        to zman. theres no need for name calling it was just a question. and theres gonna be people like that wherever you go so get over it.

  1. Jessie Pinkman says

    First of all they don’t put black people into comics and things like this, because the people that draw these up are cheap and it would cost more to put that much ink on paper. It’s much easier/cheaper to make an outline of something and not having to fill it in.

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