Hurricane Sandy’s Destruction In My Neighborhood

Hello all! Hurricane Sandy also struck my small part of the area… not as bad of course as some other places! In my neighborhood there was just a tree in the next door backyard that snapped. The bad thing though is our power lines are in our backyards. The tree that broke off, isn’t even touching the ground, it’s balancing perfectly on wires. But it pulled the wires out of our next door neighbor’s house. They luckily somehow still have power, as do we. There was a worker here checking it out to see what needed, and was surprised they still have power. I also learned while listening to him on the phone is that one of the poles a few yards over, because of the tree, the top of the pole has snapped off. I didn’t get a good shot of the tree balancing, since I have smaller trees blocking my view. But check out these photos.

In my own backyard we fared much better. Just some smaller to mid size pine branches were on the ground. Easy clean up.

Now the neighbor right across the street from me, his car is totaled. I didn’t get a shot of the massive branch that landed on his car, but I got it the next morning. DPW had already came Monday night while the storm was still going, and chipped up the tree.

I live along the Hudson River. While I am very uphill from it… we have a gorgeous Waterfront with a ton of great restaurants! They did not fare well at all. With storm surge, since the Hudson goes into NY Harbor then the ocean, it was not good at all. My area hardly got any rain at all, so it was all storm surge. I live about an hour by car from NYC. The storm surge was only supposed to be from Poughkeepsie (another 20 mins from me north) south. Well the next morning while I was watching the news, it had actually gone all the way up to our state capital in Albany. That’s about 1-2 hours more north to me. That.. is crazy.

I found some shots from the Waterfront. I hope all of the restaurants along there can recover, because we love them!

Park on the Waterfront in Newburgh, NY after Hurricane Sandy

Waterfront Ferry Waiting Area in Nebwurgh, NY after Hurricane Sandy

This is a waiting area for the Ferry.

All in all we did not get hit that badly. Not from what I have seen on the news from NYC, New Jersey and Long Island. I am thinking of all those families that have lost their homes, their lives… anything. It breaks my heart to see all of this and I just can’t imagine that this all just happened! I hope power is restored soon, and people can start picking up the pieces.

I will say, I will take a Blizzard any day of the week over a Hurricane.

Update: I did lose power for over 24 hours. They turned it off to fix the neighbor’s house yesterday. Then this morning they fixed the telephone pole, cut the tree, and rehung the wires. So happy that we had a generator! Now we can get back to being normal. And I get to watch the news some more and cry.


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    I was watching all the photos you shared in your facebook feed. Sandy has caused an absolute disaster! I am SO glad you guys didn’t have much damage. I have a friend in Mattituck, she is ok, but her sister lost her home & cars (I am not sure where the sister lives). Such scary, scary stuff.

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      Oh no thinking of your friend’s sister! It was a very very scary storm. I can’t believe we were hit by it. And the pictures I was sharing on FB. Makes my jaw drop. It’s… insane.

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      It is mind-boggling. It’s so hard to see the pictures of places that I’ve been too! Destroyed, and not there anymore. It’s crazy! And I’m so thankful we didn’t have any damage and neither did family.

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    Wow, that is a lot of water! I’m glad that you weren’t hit too badly but so sad for those who were. My kids and I were just saying how we woudl much rather have blizzards than flooding and torrential rains! I’m actually looking forward to winter this year!

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    I’ve been through both too, and I don’t like either one of ’em. I guess the blizzard it’d be, so long as we had a generator working for heat.

    Glad you and your family are safe and sound!

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      I think the restaurants will fare okay. It’s a very popular spot for people to go stroll along the river and eat. I know it’s usually PACKED with people. So hopefully they have enough in savings! I can’t wait to go spend my money on their delicious food again. :)


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