How To Hide Your Belly With Swimwear

I think it’s pretty safe to say that at least 90% of women feel some sense of anxiety when it comes time to get into swimwear.  Many are unhappy with a specific feature or part of their bodies; for many of us, it’s our stomachs.  I wholeheartedly believe that every woman is beautiful and that everyone can look amazing in swimwear, regardless of their body type; it’s all about finding the right style that brings out their best assets while minimizing any problem areas.  As a swimwear style expert, I’ve learned all the tricks of the trade and I’m here to share some simple style tips that will help hide a not-so-toned tummy.  Read on…

Perhaps the easiest way to hide a belly is to go with control swimwear.  These styles are typically made with a specially designed swimwear fabric that’s tighter, thicker and more supportive; once you slip a control swimsuit on, it’ll help suck you in and slim you out.  Key to the design of control swimwear is its high Lycra Spandex count, which gives the special fabric its flattering fit.  Even if it’s not marked as “control,” swimsuits with a high Lycra Spandex count (think 28% and higher) will have a similarly slimming effect.

Like control swimwear, ruching and shirred fabric detail on swimsuits can also be very slimming for your stomach.  Just like in everyday clothing, ruching and shirring is very flattering for any figure, which is why it’s featured in a number of one-pieces, tankinis and even high-waist bikinis.

In addition to actual construction tricks, many designers create slimming swimwear styles by playing with prints and patterns.  For example, brands such as Gottex and Charmline always create figure-flattering styles by experimenting with lines, angles and the placement of certain embellishments to create the illusion of a higher, slimmer waistline.

But if the above tips aren’t cutting it, you could always try out some new swimwear styles.  Blouson-style one-pieces are making a comeback and since they don’t hug your tummy, they can make for a very flattering fit.  Similarly, A-line tankinis have a chic babydoll effect and are great for hiding your belly.  Finally, high-waist bikinis are great for minimizing the torso area, especially when the bottoms have ruching.  Although they vary in style, most high-waist swimwear bottoms hit at the belly button, but don’t be afraid to try a style cut a bit higher or lower.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a few general swimwear style tips.  Dark, solid colors are the most slimming for any figure; think black, navy and deep hues of purple and red.  Also as a general rule of thumb for any body type, choose styles that divert eyes away from your problem areas; in this case, draw attention toward your top and away from your stomach by choosing printed or embellished swimwear tops and dark solid colored bottoms.

Ladies, get ready to hold your head high and proudly strut your stuff in swimwear!  And remember—you are absolutely beautiful.  XOXO, Susan

Susan is a fashion and swimwear blogger for  To read more of Susan’s style tips and tricks of the trade, check out her blog, Beauty and the Beach!


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