Honda and the Little League World Series #HondaLLWS

I had to turn down an awesome trip because I was going to be on our family vacation to the beach. But it’s okay because I asked my fabulous friend Lynsey to go in my pl

ace. And by the sounds of it she had a great time! Read on to see what she did and experienced!

This weekend I had the pleasure of joining my friends Trisha and Lisa in Williamsport, Pennsylvania for the Championship Games of the Little League World Series, sponsored by Honda. I had watched some of the Little League World Series on the television but it has literally been close to 20 years since I have watched a live Little League game. When I was invited to be a part of Camp Honda and help to giveaway a brand new Honda Pilot I could not have been more excited.

For 16 years Honda has been the sponsor of the Little League World Series and their commitment to community and The Power of Dreams, is absolutely palpable in the stadium. From the Camp Honda Family Fun Zone to the most coveted “trading pin” in the whole park, Honda certainly knows how to put on a show.

At Honda, the dedication to Little League BaseballĀ® goes well beyond the diamond. In fact, it’s the community focus of the organization that first captured our attention.

…as a company founded on The Power of Dreams, Honda understands that children need programs that build discipline and self-confidence to make their own dreams come true. This is why Honda has chosen to focus its sponsorship efforts on Little League Baseball’s Urban Initiative, a program designed to create or renew leagues in urban areas. Honda contributes $100,000 annually to Urban Initiative to find and build baseball diamonds and to teach parents how to run a little league baseball team for their area. By doing so, Honda hopes to help Little League Baseball fulfill its fundamental mission to assist community leaders in fostering the positive influences of citizenship, discipline, self-esteem, teamwork and physical well-being.

The Honda Pilot Giveaway helped to kick off the festivities with five eager contestants hoping to get the right key! Four contestants came from an online signup by Honda and a fifth from a local contest. The Pilot was just gorgeous – but then, I love all things Honda. My very favorite car I have ever had was my 1993 Honda Prelude. I just don’t know that you can beat a Honda.

We all gathered as the contestants introduced themselves and were randomly chosen to grab a key from a bucket. Amazingly, the very first key chosen unlocked the brand new Honda Pilot. To say that a huge celebration ensued is an understatement.

Congratulations Kelly Kriefall and family on winning your brand new Honda Pilot. We were all so excited – and Kelly was so cute trying not to cry with happiness in all of the pictures.

The rest of the day we enjoyed eating hotdogs, playing games in the Camp Honda Family Fun Zone, and trading the most valuable pin in the park – the Honda Pilot pin of course! I had never gotten in to “pin trading” or knew that they did it anywhere other than Disney, but loved trading and collecting several pins from kids, vendors, and even a few security guards.

It was such an incredible day and incredible event that I could write a dozen posts about everything I loved – but one thing that really stood out was simply how well everything was run and how well everyone got along. The entire day was a celebration of kids, fun, and baseball. I caught myself stopping to just look around and see everyone so happy. Thousands and thousands of people – from babies to elderly were enjoying the Little League World Series festivities. It made me so incredibly proud to be a part of the team who helped to make it all possible – Camp Honda.

Thank you so much to Honda for allowing me to be a part of the Camp Honda “team” at the Little League World Series. It is a day I will never forget.

You can check out more about Honda and the Little League World Series here. To see my recap of the entire weekend check out my post here.


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    What fun! It has been a very long time since I went to a little league game. I can remember getting my first kiss as a teenager at one! long time ago!


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