Hey The Situation! You need to get some STD Testing!

Mike The SituationWarning: If you don’t like terms of the sexual nature than please do not read this post. But it is informative!

I am a fan of the Jersey Shore if you couldn’t guess by the title of this thread. It’s a guilty pleasure. Snookie is actually from around where I live and my MIL’s friend was her English Teacher. But lets get to the important topic! Mike, The Situation, not knowing about STDs? You know what I am talking about if you saw the episode 2 weeks ago. How can a grown man not know about STDs? Sexually Transmitted Diseases! And it’s not always sex that transmits it, drug use and the perniphila can also transfer them as well. Mike, please do yourself a favor and go get some STD Testing!

With the amount of sex the men and woman are having on The Jersey Shore, they really should be protecting themselves. Most of those are all One Night Stands, and even if they weren’t, do you know whom the other person slept with all before you, and who did the people they sleep with, slept with. It’s a big whole web of people that can branch out into hundreds of people.

Ladies if you are using birth control, unless it’s condoms, and you think you are being protected from STDs… guess what? YOUR NOT!!! Dudes, not going to get an STD from just getting a blow job? Wrong! Herpes can be transmitted that way!

Mike, here is the Situation for you! I’m sure you want to be discreet if you get tested. So you will want to go with RapidSTDtesting.com. Here is why:

  • The company has 1,800 medical laboratories nationwide that test for many medical conditions (so no one will know why you’re there).
  • Your STD lab tests and results will not appear on your permanent medical records.
  • Your lab tests and results will not appear in any insurance records.
  • They will not sell your personal data.
  • They do not keep credit card information on file.
  • Rapid STD Testing will not appear in the subject line of an email or on your credit card statement. You can contact them to request the ability to log into a secured site to view your results.
  • They will not email or mail you results unless you specifically request it.
  • They will not call you without proper cause.

Good for someone famous to take care of themselves and stay healthy. And please please please use condoms more. MTV should just keep like a garbage bag of condoms in the house for them all to use.

I will be talking to my boys when they grow up about STDs. It needs to be talked about more, I don’t want them to catch one! And if they did, I would feel guilty because I did not educate them on the proper way in not to get them!

I am participating in the Let’s Talk about STDs Campaign for RapidSTDtesting.com. I received compensation to facilitate this post. However, the views and opinions are my own


  1. Tawnda says

    teens are becoming sexually active more and more every day… and the really scary part is they are getting YOUNGER! In today’s ‘world’, it is very important to let your children know that whatever happens, you only want to keep them as safe as possible………

  2. says

    I don’t watch that show, know the story or got the headline, but I have to comment about learning about resources like Rapid STD being available, the privacy options are great. Knowing their are helpful resources to share with mommies as a precaution is excellent to share in mom blogs. Thanks.

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