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Hello Kitty Themed Maternity Hospital

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I was just bumbling around on the interwebz doing nothing. I should have been blogging. But who knew that actually  just wandering around website will lead to blog fodder. Well it does make sense! So this is something cool that I found, that I didn’t know about it, but I thought others would love to know about it!

Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital PhotosIn Taiwan there is a Maternity Hospital that is themed in Hello Kitty. From the blankets and birth certificates to cots and uniforms worn by staff, every aspect of the Hello Kitty hospital is emblazoned with the feline motif. Patients are even welcomed by a statue of Hello Kitty dressed in a doctor’s uniform, before travelling in a Hello Kitty elevator to a pink examination room with Hello Kitty posters on the wall.

They are hoping that seeing kitties will be both soothing and relaxing for the mothers as well as the babies. I think I would be pretty happy being in that hospital!

HK Maternity hospital3So would you want to give birth at this hospital? I dunno I love Hello Kitty and Pink.. but it may be too much even for me.

And heck.. at least it’s better than kid’s wearing thongs.

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  1. Nope, way too weird for me.

  2. Yeah…..that is a bit much even for a die hard Hello Kitty fan…lol
    Kadie recently posted…I Was Lied To During My PregnancyMy Profile

  3. omg. I would go to Taiwan just to give birth there. Serious.

  4. I’m willing to try ANYTHING as a distraction from labor pain. If Hello Kitty can help me transcend…Bring her on!
    Jenn recently posted…Fantasy Jewelry Box Giveaway – Ends 6-22My Profile

  5. Oh this is neat, pink and Hello Kitty, yes! I like it lol
    Nichol recently posted…Baby Magic Patty Cake Dustless Powder and Lavender Baby Wash Giveaway 2 WinnersMy Profile

  6. momznite says:

    Wow! I wonder if there is a Thomas the Tank Engine or a Mickey Mouse maternity ward too?

  7. I used to like Hello Kitty when I was a girl. I am not totally sure what happened to make it such a phenomenom, but the hospital thing is over the top for even Japan. LOL. I am pregnant now and I think I would opt for a home birth first, and I have had natural birth before.

    • I so wish I can have a home birth one day.. or even a natural one! :) But yeah it is kinda insane LOL. I would want something more blue and mellow I think for labor.

  8. This is really cute!
    Kelly recently posted…Eversave Austin Save of the Day and Eversave Giveaway- ends 6-23My Profile

  9. Metallman

    Hey there Alison,

    You are late to the game! My wife knew about this place years ago and wanted to have our baby there. She’s a huge Hello Kitty fan and I love her, but I’m flying to Taiwan to have our son delivered by a cat. lol

  10. I love all the pink! I just wouldn’t want someone dressed up as hello kitty walking in while I’m in labor haha
    Krystal recently posted…The Best WordPress Plugins EverMy Profile

  11. NO WAY! I want to go to THIS hospital! This is AWESOME!

  12. cute!

  13. Candace says:

    I would…but I am a hello kitty FREAK! I wouldn’t want to have a boy there, I’m not a subscriber to pink for boys lol

  14. I totally love it. Sure beats the drab and mundane decor that most maternity wards have. Although I’d be a little put off by all the pink if I were having a boy.

  15. That is too cute!

  16. Wow! The Hello Kitty Craze starts early in Taiwan! My older sister is really into Hello Kitty as well as anime stuff. She has a section of a room devoted to Hello Kitty and her anime stuff. Thanks Alison!

  17. I want to have a baby just to go have it in that hospital. I want to send them my stupid old lame birth certificate and exchange it for a Hello Kitty birth certificate.

    This is my new mission in life. Somehow get a Hello Kitty birth certificate. Want. So. Bad!!!

  18. Alison - another one says:

    ok beyond all the pink creppy faux cats, how about the fact that this is a third world country??? I would not want to deliver my child there due to a lack of proper maternity care and actual doctors with degrees, the whole stuffed cats everywhere aspect is just like crap frosting on the poop cake. The US is not the end all be of perfect doctors but I’ll keep it and its bland maternity wards over the more questionable care elsewhere.

    • Actually, Taiwan is not a 3rd world country. It is a highly developed society, including major cities, hospitals, technological manufacturing & engineering, and a well-developed infrastructure. They have highly trained doctors, just like in the US.

      Yes, there are areas of Taiwan that are undeveloped, just like there are in most countries. However, this hospital, along with most of the country, is perfectly safe.

      You might want to do a little fact-checking before you stereotype like that.

  19. I’m sad : ( I’ve already paid my DR bills for delivery. Sure wish I would have seen this blog post. I’d be there in a heartbeat. **That’s good blogging material!!! lol

  20. I totally want to move to Taiwan now!


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