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Get Happy LogoSome days we have our down days right? Or maybe we just want to be more happy. That’s my goal in life, I just want to be happy. Well with the Get Happy app it gives you ways to increase your happiness. I’ve been having fun exploring it!

Get Happy Start Screen

Features of Get Happy:

  • Learn skills to effectively deal with painful thoughts and feelings and provide clarity about what is really important in your life. This knowledge will guide, inspire and motivate you to make changes for a better life.
  • You will receive a tip every day, similar to having a clinical psychologist nudge you in the right direction for raising your personal happiness.
  • The tips are organized based upon four pillars of happiness: relationships, leisure, personal growth and work & education.
  • A key feature is a self-rating system that prioritizes daily tips based upon areas in your life most in need of improvement.
  • Get Happy provides psychological strategies in a portable and accessible way, perfect for even the busiest individuals’.

Get Happy App

Get Happy was designed by a practicing clinical psychologist to deliver simple and effective daily tips. Because it is evidence-based advice, Get Happy’s tips are both relevant and highly actionable.

I also appreciate that I can share some Happy Tips with those on Twitter and Facebook. Of course though for them to see the tip, they have to download the app. But why not share the happiness with others!

Want personalized tips? Well follow this guide to get it tailored to what you want in your life.

Get Happy Personalized

I wanted to share with you a tip in the Word Education section. Because it really resonated with me as I’m sure it will for others!

Work and Education Tip in Get Happy

Get Happy only costs $0.99 which really makes me happy! In this instance money may be able to buy you a little bit of happiness.


  1. jamie braun says

    Wow, they have an app for everything! Everyon me could use some more happiness though,so this sounds great

      • vickie couturier says

        you know kid,I wouldnt know what to do with it if I had one,,I won a kindle an had it for over a year,still in the box,an gave it to my son ,he had started back to college an needed one to download books on,it was much cheaper to do it,so I gave it to him for Christmas,,,if you saw the cell phone I have you would probably laugh yourself silly,,Im a old dinosaur an dont have a clue about these new high tech thingys

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