Eye-Fi Memory Card Makes Uploading Pictures Easier

Looking for an easy way to upload your photos? Check out the Eye-Fi Memory Card.

Eye-Fi Memory CardI’ve been using the Eye-Fi for a very long time now! I did get the Pro X2 8GB Eye-Fi from Best Buy to use it some more and write about it! I do want to say though that the 4GB Eye-Fi is what I have been using and it works like a charm and still seems to hold a lot on it!  I love how easy it is now to upload my pictures to the computer. No hooking up a wire, or taking the memory card out to get your pictures from a digital camera. It uses the Wi-Fi connection in your home and transfers it that way to the computer.

My kids even love taking pictures with my camera. Hunter tells me to check the computer to see what he’s doing since it pops up a window in the lower right side of the screen of the image that is transferring over. I am in the midst of potty training Landon, and he doesn’t like to use the little potty. He had pooped in the kitchen (I rather there then the living room)… and I thought I had cleaned it all up! So I went back to go sit on the computer and try to go through some emails when I see new pictures coming in. He was taking pictures of a new poop. I hope you are laughing along with me! When I told my mother about it she was laughing hysterically. She may think my kid is a little weird now too, but that’s okay we are a weird family.

Eye-Fi created a video that tells you what it does and how it does it. It’s a simple video so I thought I would share it as well!

I may start taking advantage of Eye-Fi Premium soon. For just $49.99 per year, Eye-Fi Premium puts your content in a personal photo cloud for as long as you like. Whether at home or away, it takes just a few clicks to view, share, print or download your photos and videos. Sounds like a nice way to make sure you will have your pictures in case something happens to your computer.

The 8GB ProX2 Eye-Fi is $49.99.  Both are available at Best Buy!

Note: I am a Best Buy Brand Ambassador. All opinions are my own and I received an Eye-Fi in order to review it. No other compensation was provided.


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      Yes it does help a lot with blog pictures! And I love that I can just go sit at my computer and they are already over there! No need to wait to upload them.

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    Thank you so much for sharing this information. I just have to have one. I am constantly taking pictures and this would make it so much easier on me to be able to upload them with the Eye-Fi.


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