Ending Summer with our Wildwood Vacation

It feels at least like we are ending summer when we go on our Wildwood, NJ vacation but alas the boys still have 2 weeks until they go back to school. We look at it as ending the summer right though. I really need to make sure that when we do go on vacations that I take a lot more pictures. It would help if I replaced my battery charger for my Nikon DSLR… I apparently left that on our Lancaster, PA vacation earlier this summer and haven’t done anything about it yet. Not good because the phone doesn’t take the best pictures all of the time! I did get some fun shots though that I would love to share with you all.

Cory with Mallet Cory's 3 Lb Lobster Peaking through hole Sitting in the Ocean Wildwood Beach Wildwood Crest Pier Building a Sand Castle Tired kids on Boardwalk in Wildwood

On our last night in Wildwood we stopped at one of the stores on the Boardwalk and got us some hermit crabs! I’ve always wanted to own them. I have fulfilled my childhood dreams! (Take that mother! I know you are using your computer more and you may read this… I finally got some hermies!) Anywho I am obsessed over them. They are the cutest things ever. Also if you ever get them from a store on the boardwalk or what not… the stuff they give you for a cage is basically not good. You need to create this whole environment! I may have to write a whole post on how awesome they are… but when I get their final crabitat all set up which will be in mid September. I can’t wait to share!

Hermit Crab

Here is Landon W (yes he named the hermie after himself.) but there is also Hermie which is Hunter’s. Landon W isn’t even in this shell anymore, I got to personally watch him move to the green shell that is pictured in the back. Hermie is still in the same shell he came in, which I wish he would change because it’s a painted one, those are big no nos for hermit crabs!

Now I’m just waiting for summer to really end… but enjoying the days that I still have my whole family with me all day long.


  1. Christina G. says

    I’ve heard so much about Wildwood, NJ over the years, but I’ve never been there. It’s nice that you have a family tradition of vacationing. That will give your kids great memories to look back on when they’re adults. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Donna Jacoby says

    Thank you for sharing this. I moved to PA from North Cape May, NJ and it was a trip down memory lane–especially the stores with the hermit crabs.

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