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Headchefs WhiskCooking with kids is a messy business. You can forget those angelic photos of a happy family admiring a beautifully decorated triple chocolate cake. You know if you try it in your home, you’ll end up with chocolate on the ceiling and half the mixture on the floor before it gets anywhere near the oven. And that’s if the little ones don’t tip it over each other first.

Leave perfectionism at the kitchen door and make fun and easy snacks instead. Remember – the end result doesn’t have to look like a masterpiece. Getting the little ones involved as much as possible and encouraging them to use their creativity will be much more enjoyable for you (not to mention less stressful) and will help them learn their first cooking skills. You never know, you might have a budding Michelin star chef on your hands.

If not, don’t worry. There are plenty of easy clean features on ovens these days to make sure the clear up isn’t a chore. Whether it’s steam clean functions or enamel liners, they can save you a lot of time and a lot of elbow grease.

Baking has really taken off with young people, thanks to shows like ‘The Great British Bake Off’. A recent report said that over 70% of young people are more likely to bake from scratch, so why not start them off even younger. Getting comfortable in the kitchen will help them long term too, as it’ll encourage healthy eating, especially avoiding lots of convenience and fast foods.

Here are three examples of easy recipes you can try at home with your kids:

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    When I can put my need to have everything clean and in order aside, I actually like cooking with my kids. And I have found it is a great way to get them to eat whatever you make. Mine went from hating spinach to helping me cook and then all of sudden the spinach was ‘so delicious’.

    • says

      I have come to realize too that Hunter is more prone to eat when he’s helping make it. And he really really wants to start helping out more. I have to remember that he is older and can follow commands more. Cept I let him crack an egg and it ended up on the floor… twice. Boo LOL.

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    I’ll be doing this one day with my little man…looking forward to it! (is your cutie pie wearing an apron? how cute! he usually looks like you, but in that photo he favors your husband)

    • says

      Yes an apron!! He loves wearing it, I make sure to wear mine too when we are working together. He has his moments looking like his father. Though everyone says both boys look just like their father. Boo

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