The South Street Seaport’s Summer 2014 Series

See Change

The South Street Seaport is a special place to me. I remember spending many a day just walking to the South Street Seaport from my dorm room when I attended Pace University in Manhattan. It’s a nice bustling area that is beautiful! They are doing some amazing things during the summer. There is something for […]

Heading Out — Cruising From the UK


When people venture out on a ship and take a cruise from the UK, they often overlook the British Isles. Sometimes the kids just want to go to the beach and build sandcastles somewhere different in the sunshine, and the UK, not being exactly renowned for its fine weather, doesn’t come into the question for […]

The Mighty Nessus Spinx

Nessus sphinx

Since I will be helping out at Hunter’s class field trip to the Bronx Zoo today I decided to just throw up a quick post and show you something awesome that Cory spotted outside yesterday. He called inside to see if anyone wanted to see a hummingbird out back. The boys and I rushed out […]

Taking Tech Into Nature

Taking Tech into Nature

Escaping into nature is a great way to leave the stresses of work and everyday living behind. Whether you are car camping or out on a full-week hiking expedition, it is hard to leave technology behind. Often times we need to keep our phones charged in case there is an emergency, need light to see […]