Simply Potatoes Simple Potato Soup – Crock Pot Friendly!

Simply Potatoes

Simply Potatoes Simple Potato Soup Simply Potatoes couldn’t be simpler!  I will admit I was skeptical when I picked out my County Style Mashed Potatoes and Southwest Style Hashbrowns.  I know they aren’t what my family calls faux-tatoes.  However, I was unsure if they would taste fresh. I decided to use BOTH types of potatoes […]

A Lady and the Tramp-style Dinner

Enough to keep the kids busy for a while!

I was so excited to have another reason to watch Lady and the Tramp!  This time it was a family affair.  Spaghetti dinner and snuggles on the couch made for a great start to the weekend!! Check out my earlier review of the newest Diamond Edition Lady and the Tramp release.  Enter the great giveaway […]