A Lady and the Tramp-style Dinner

I was so excited to have another reason to watch Lady and the Tramp!  This time it was a family affair.  Spaghetti dinner and snuggles on the couch made for a great start to the weekend!!

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We were given everything necessary to make this a memorable occasion.  From plates and plastic ware to crafts for the kids and even a $40 gift card to spend on food!  It was like Christmas when I opened the box of goodies.  Coloring pages, spot the differences, dot to dot, paper crafts, and even crayons!!  It turned into a storm of paper, scissors, and tape.  I did manage a photo of some of the goodies before the kids took over.

Enough to keep the kids busy for a while!

Dinner was amazing!  Hubby did the cooking while I set the table.  I will admit that I had to turn to the internet and search for how to properly set the table!  It was so much fun.  We had whole wheat spaghetti with home made sauce.  Hubby even made turkey meatballs which were oh-so-amazing.

We had so much fun setting the table for dinner!


Nothing better than home made!

We all used our best table manners.  Pinkies up when drinking.  Twirling our spaghetti on our forks.  Of course, slurping the noodles was totally acceptable!  This was the most fun dinner we have had in a long time.  Thanks to Disney for making it possible!!

Pinkies up while drinking!


Spaghetti twirling was a must!


Slurping is always acceptable at a Lady & the Tramp dinner.


We all had a great time!

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