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20 Second Fitness logoWell I think I may have found the program that is going to allow me to kick my butt into gear and start losing some weight! My main problem in even exercising is just TIME. Who has the time? I know it should be made a priority.. but I can’t wake up early to do it because Landon will wake up with me most likely since we c0-sleep. Nap time… seems like when I want to work out during nap time he’ll sleep for 5 minutes. There is just so much other things that I want to get done while he is napping that working out just gets pushed to the back. It sucks. I know.

But with 20 Second Fitness I think I have found the solution! See you will only work out for 8 minutes a day! 8 minutes of an intense work out. If you can’t swing 8 minutes than I’m sorry… your meant to be fat! I can do 8 minutes. That is so doable and makes me even more excited about this program!

Well just the average workout is 8 minutes and is done in two 4 minute sets. The first 4 minute set of each day targets a specific body part. The next 4 minutes, the heart pumper set, will get your heart racing and will create the afterburn effect that makes you burn calories long after the workout is over. Which will give you that great boost of energy that I love after I work out. I feel like I can conquer the world!

20 Second FitnessEverything that you need is all contained in what you buy! I really love the chart. It clearly outlines what you need to do each and every day. It also has spots for you to record your weight and inches lost.

I don’t have any recent pictures of me in workout gear. And I want to get this post up and not worry about my husband coming to take a picture when he gets home. So I’ll leave you this image of me from Hunter’s birthday party.

Current Weight: 215.4

I will do other measurement later!

Update: I wrote this post in the morning. I have started my Week 1 Day 1 of 20 Second Fitness. Boy, it’s tough, and intense. But only doing it for 4 minutes really makes it so much easier to push through. I am in love.

For more information about 20 Second Fitness or to place an order (it retails for one payment of $99.99 or three payments of $39.99), visit their website or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Special Code:
Get free shipping by entering in “being alison” at checkout! Woohoo!

I have friends doing it too!
20 second fitness: do you have 4-12 minutes a day? from Kim @ What’s That Smell?
Starting a New Fitness Program from Marianna @ Green Mama’s Pad

Disclaimer: I received 20 Second Fitness in order to use it and review it. The opinions are my own!


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      Thank you Kim. I will never give you my cell number. LOL. I’m so excited too! :) And I bought 2 new bras today LOL. It’s soooo easy I’m so impressed already!

    • says

      I am so happy too!!!! I can’t wait for tomorrow! It doesn’t take away from anything else during the day so I can still get my other obligations done. I can’t wait to lose some weight!

    • says

      Hey that picture made me buy 2 bras yesterday. LOL I’m so excited.

      But yes I’m thrilled about the time of this. I’m excited to do Day 2 today!

  1. says

    LOL I love this. I gasped when I read, “If you can’t swing 8 minutes than I’m sorry… your meant to be fat.” HA HA. I think you might be right. I think I might have to join you. I also like your comment that you need a better bra. Bras manufacturers are big dumb jerks in my opinion. Couldn’t there be some kind of standard where x inches here and y inches there=bra size. In every damn brand I wear a different size. Sometimes different sizes within the same brand. Like I want to go try on 10 bras. Finding one that fits is an epic feat. I typically find the acceptable fit at the store. Then the next day when I go to wear it, it doesn’t fit! My boobs are so not cooperating.

    • says

      Haha thanks!! Yeah I need to get my workout in today. Waiting for hubby to get home to fit in my little bit of time.

      Bras. I HATE Them! At least you can go into the store. My boobs are so big from nursing that I have to order online.. and than try it on to see if I even like it.. than if I don’t than I have to ship it back and pray that the next one I get is the right size/fit/great. Could take weeks before I get a new bra. It sucks!

  2. Kathryn says

    Wow, I have seen this product and wondered if it works. I have lost 50 pounds in the last 4 1/2 months and now am on my last 20 pounds and would like to do some different exercises to “bump” up my exercise program. You know getting to that point where I seem to be levelling off. Thanks for the info!

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      WOW!!!! Congrats on the weight loss! Your an inspiration to me! :) I am loving this program so far! Maybe it would be great for you too!

  3. Debra B says

    Congrats Alison on getting started, I know that you will succeed with your plan, I love the idea of doing 4 or 8 minutes a day, it sounds great, I think I could really like this program & benefit from it I seriously need to get off my fat a** start working on losing this weight I have put on during the last year & half, also I agree with you about finding good fitting bra’s I have the hardest time finding bras that fit me correctly too, I order them online because no one carries my size, when I gain weight alot goes straight to my boobs none of my old bra’s fit me so I end of looking like I have this 4 boob thing going on, as my daughter nicely puts it, If you go into the stores that will fit you for bras they do help you figure out what size you are, except dont try Victoria Secrets, they dont go higher than DD and I was pretty sure I needed more than DD but tried them out anyway, they talked me into buying the 34 DD size, ok I thought well maybe thats my true size, but the fact was she only wanted to sell me bras they carried she had to know that was wrong size, after buying them and trying to wear them all my boobs did was fall out the top so I decided to try a different store I went to Dillards this time to get fitted, She measured me and said you are a 34G, which is basically just 4 D’s, thats a big difference from DD’s I bought a couple bra’s from them, only now the 34 is way to tight, the cups arent big enough anymore so I have no idea what size I have turned into this time because of the weight I gained, although not too long ago I’d lost over 50 lbs, I have been up & down for most of the last 15 yrs or so, but when I was younger I was always a skinny person,
    ( each 2 pregnancies I gained 50 lbs that I never really lost completely) having been skinny & fat I prefer skinny plus the older I get the weight will creep up so I got tired of being fat I started walking/dieting early 2009
    (walking & doing some exercising, cant say I did any regular exercises just used weights, squats and benching ) the easiest exercise was walking for at least 1 hr ( or more) every day (tried to do 4-5 miles ) the weight just came off so easy & I did cut calories down and tried to go low carb, I actually lost more than I planned to was able to get back into my size 3-4 jeans, I was sooo happy back then, I’d lost more than 50 lbs by end of summer 2009 and was trying to maintain it, But I went thru lots of stress in 2009 too, lost my father in Feb 2009 and was trying to deal with that, then nov 2009 I lost my job of 10 yrs, then Jan 2010 lost my sister, also turned 50 in jan 2010 ( was big deal to me) and its been downhill ever since, so with all that I have regained 40 lbs back, I cant get into any of my skinny clothes which depresses the hell out of me, because I was home & not working anymore I was cooking way too much (baking too many cheesecakes, cookies, ect.) Plus I have thyroid issues again which doesnt help when trying to lose weight, doc keeps changing my dose even though its been killed off twice with radioactive iodine, (seems to come back to life all on its own) also started pre-menopause this year which is another issue so I really need to get something started before I blow up even more, I hate being this heavy, muffin top on top of muffin top, its miserable actually so this exercise program has me very interested, I’ve been trying to get back into walking but our weather has been crap lately, its been raining alot so I use that as excuse not to walk, I know I can lose it because I did it before, I just need to get motivated enough to stay focused and I have plenty of time now but I tend to waste it away being on the computer all day long entering sweeps, surfing the net.. ect..
    I am going to check out this Exercise program and try to get it, its what I need, I know I need something to help me jump start this weight loss plan that I hope to achieve very soon, I know the older you get the harder it is to lose, plus all the health problems related to being over weight, Thanks for your great review, I have been inspired. Thanks and wishing you the best!

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      Debra I am very very very sorry for all the losses you have been through these past few years!!It’s understandable that you went through a rough time. I’m just honored that I could even be a motivation for you! I really hope you get the program and love it as much as I have! It’s so easy.. because it’s only 4 minutes it’s just so easy to get it out of the way for the day! I love it!

      I hope you do get it! And start feeling better about yourself!


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